Cynon Valley Organic Adventures

About Us

How We Started

After taking on the land in 2018, Janis and 2 volunteers set about cutting back 5 years of nettle growth and fixing up the fences.  As they nurtured the land the recognised that the land was nurturing them right back and so they decided to offer social prescription activities to enable others to feel the benefits of nature.  The college was set up in 2019 in order to generate an income to enable them to purchase the land and in 2020 with the help of Welsh Government they were finally able t put in an offer!

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to help people to grow through a deeper connection with nature.  To give people a safe and harmonious environment in which to learn and to help people overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way.

Our long term goal is to develop an environmental learning zone where people can learn all about the environment and human impact upon it. Through a deeper connection with nature future generations will ensure that nature's needs are central to new developments and will create communities where nature and man can live in harmony.

Who are we?

Director and learning centre manager Janis is on site each day, designing and delivering learning and wellbeing activities and...when she can...sneaking off to enjoy the river.  

Janis Werrett

Director of Magical Stuff, Cynon Valley Organic Adventures

Site manager and tutor, Mike is the father of the site.  Always to be found pottering and attempting to coppice the trees without Janis finding out, Mike guides and mentors many of our volunteers and young learners.

Mike Jenkins

Site Manager and Head of Potatoes, Cynon Valley Organic Adventures

Site manager and general grump, Andrew works alongside Mike, guiding and helping our volunteers with skills development when he isn't spying on Janis to ensure she uses the correct recycling bin.

Andrew Williams

Site Manager and Head of the Grumpy Recycling Police, Cynon Valley Organic Adventures