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June Update

June 1st, 2019

Well we have made it to June! University has ended and our social prescription activities are doing really well, we have a lovely relationship with local doctors who are keen to play a bigger part so we hope to come up with some ideas for this! Local families have started to pop in for walks, rock painting and planting and its lovely to see the children play in the river.

Our accredited training provision is functional and we offer 12 week courses from level 1 to level 3 in a range of subjects for teachers, those wishing to become teachers and general employability courses, oh and not forgetting our course in Environmental Conservation & Heritage! The money generated from these courses will enable us to purchase the land by next year hopefully.

The dragonflies are back, as are the butterflies...about 3 or 4 different types, the heron came to visit the school children last week and showed them how to fish! We have a duck with her ducklings on the river and newts in the pond!

Everything is coming along perfectly and so we are on the hunt for a few new volunteers...we have a lovely celebration of volunteers next week for volunteers week with campfire food and river walks, sharing tales of volunteering.

She Sheds

June 1st

We have recently set up a second social enterprise called She Sheds! She Sheds is a female support network where we support and inspire women to become the strongest version of themselves, helping them to achieve their goals and overcome any obstacles! Check it out here:


How did we get here?

April 12, 2019

It's been a difficult journey.  When we took on the site at the end of summer last year the brambles had been left to take over and were around 7 foot high and covering every inch, all you could see was the very top of the polytunnels.  One bramble at a time a handful of us volunteers set about cutting them back, by hand and without using any harmful chemicals (because wildlife was thriving).  I was running it and struggled to put more than a couple of days a week in as I'd also returned to university, I'd never run a project like this and felt that the Masters in Project Management would be an asset so my Masters run alongside this.  Almost a year on we still have that handful of us who love the place as if it was a child...watching it come to life again has touched all our hearts and the feeling that you get from being here you cannot get anywhere else.  Now that university is coming to an end I am preparing us for delivering a range of accredited learning for adults as well as options for 12+.  We are starting our social prescription activities and looking forward to creating a little polytunnel garden centre.  The newts, butterflies and bees have just returned and we have a resident robin who loves to steal worms as you dig!

July Update

July 20, 2019

The last week has been a busy one. We reluctantly agreed to take a young man in for the week on work experience...almost 15 years old.  Well he taught us never to prejudge somebody based on age! He was the most amazing, mature and sensitive young man with a strong work ethic and everyone was impressed by him.  We are keeping him through the summer now and putting him through his level 1 in Environmental Conservation and Heritage.

We also delivered the level 3 in Education and Training for the first time which was so intensive it passed in a blur of activity.  Micro teaching sessions were delivered at the garden in nature and we had a lovely bunch of learners.

Now we have the weekend to finish up the final preparation for summer school with wildlife club starting Tuesday and a playgroup in Wednesday.

Oh, we also had a full moon eclipse meditation at the garden with a lovely group of people who are becoming regulars at Wednesdays meditation by the river class.

A busy month!