Green Gym

Our Green Gym sessions are free, offering you the chance to improve physical and mental wellbeing through structured garden activities. Green Gym is a refreshing approach to outdoor exercise, designed by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to improve people’s health and wellbeing and make a positive impact on the local environment. There are Green Gyms right across the UK helping to

connect people with the outdoors every day. During each session an instructor will guide you through exciting conservation activities which could include managing woodland, food growing, creating wildflower gardens and wildlife ponds, planting trees, making pathways and so much more.

Green Gym is a flexible and completely FREE programme. It offers a variety of activities, which are suitable for everyone and allows you to work at your own pace. Join us for just an hour or up to three hours and feel the difference.

Green Gyms are fun outdoor sessions where you will be guided in practical conservation activities but unlike other conservation projects, the emphasis is very much on health and fitness. In fact, almost a third more calories can be burnt in some Green Gym® sessions than in an average aerobics class! At the beginning of each session everyone does a few minutes of gentle exercise to warm up, in

preparation for a range of activities to suit all abilities. We do the same at the end of the session to help you gently cool down. And there’s a sociable tea break in the middle of every session. But most importantly Green Gyms help you feel fantastic inside. We connect people with nature and each other, supporting personal development through participation in meaningful volunteer work.