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Green Gym

Green Gym is a free twice weekly session for all ages and abilities to improve health and wellbeing through gardening.


Our volunteer roles are a great way to improve health and wellbeing whilst building new skills and gaining qualifications. Build confidence, ease social anxiety, develop communication skills in a warm and nurturing environment.


Our 6 week resilience course will run twice in 2021 and will give you the tools you need to face life with strength and clarity.

Eating for the Environment

Make long term positive changes in your diet by connecting with the environment and planting food, learn to cook healthy meals with fresh garden produce and make new friends along the way!

Wild Cooking and Foraging for Health

Learn about the benefits of edible plants found in the wild and how to cook with them.

Full time Youth Provision

Not all young people can adapt to a mainstream educational environment and as such we can offer full or part time provision that includes a package of accredited learning and wellbeing outcomes.  Costs apply and transport must be arranged by the school or supporting organisation.

Support and Guidance

We can provide one to one support and guidance sessions for those needing it during the coming months. Support for wellbeing, barriers to learning and work and seeking employment will be offered, other support needs may be signposted to partner organisations.

Changing Behaviour to Change Lives

Our neuroplasticity course will help you to understand how your brain works, creating new opportunities for changing habits and thought patterns, leading to changes in behaviour.